Middle Finger
SuperHi — It’s Never Too Late To Start

Advertising Design, Course Work.

Multi-Platform Campaign for SuperHi
Project was commended by SuperHi’s Art Director, Learning Design Strategist, Educators, and Community Lead.

I’ve been a student on SuperHi’s platform since 2020 and fell in love with how they taught coding as a creative medium rather than one that is purely functional.

There’s an infinite amount of content on how to code, but little on how to deal with the mental barriers of ageism, burn out, and self-sabotage that comes with learning a new skill in the tech industry where it seems like everyone else was born gifted except you. This campaign aims to inspire and help people find their north star in their coding journey. ︎︎︎ Click to here to view the full PDF.
︎ Figma, Blender, Illustrator