Middle Finger
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Client: @pierrebassene.worldpierrebassene.world

Packaging Design & Brand Identity, Co-Designed with @ppppiero

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The goal was to step away from the traditional fingerprint logo and start exploring how a cohesive brand identity could be created using shapes from the original logo.

By dissecting the original logo into simple organic shapes, we were able to create three different packaging bags for diffferent types of garments using three variations of the fingerprint that changed in line density. 

This eventually became the new logo. It gave room for variation, adaptability for different sizes, and a cohesive visual identity built upon elements of shape rather than a single logo.

Creating packaging that people would want to keep and reuse was a key part of the process. The transparent window was inspired by Japanese toy boxes, where you were able to see through the packaging and actually becomes a part of the product rather than something that hides it.

“A Symbol of Our Connectedness and Differences” ︎

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